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For who is this program ?

The training program we offer is for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and skills in the field of networks. CCNP and CCNA training programs are designed for professionals, engineers or technicians who need to manage network infrastructure on a daily basis.

Certification programs structure

Each Cisco Routing and Switching curriculum is divided into one or more modules. Each module is divided into chapters. After having completed each module, the multiple choice questions will allow students to asses their level of understanding.

Network associate (CCNA)

Module 1 : CCNAv7

Introduction to networks course resources

Introduction to Networks (ITN) covers the architecture, structure, functions and components of the internet and others computer networks. Students achieve a basic understanding of how networks operate and how to build simple local area networks (LAN), perform basic configurations for routers and switches, and implement internet protocol (IP).


Module 2 : CCNAv7

Switching, routing, and wireless essential course resources

 Switching, routing, and wireless essentials (SRWE) covers the architecture, components, and operations of routers and switches in small networks and introduces wireless local area networks (WLAN) and security concepts. Students learn how to configure and troubleshoot routers and switches for advanced functionality using security best practices and resolve common issues with protocols in both IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

Module 3 : CCNAv7

Entreprise networking, security, and automation course resources

Entreprise networking, security, and automation (ENSA) describes the architecture, components, operations, and security to scale for large, complex networks, including wide area network (WAN) technologies. The course emphasizes network security concepts and introduces network virtualization and automation. Students learn how to configure, troubleshoot, and secure entreprise network devices and understand how application programming interfaces (API) and configuration management tools enable work automation.


Network professional (CCNP ENCOR)

1. ENCOR: Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies v1.0

Module 1. ENCOR: Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies v1.0
During this training module, students will get the knowledges of implementing core enterprise network technologies including dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) architecture, virtualization, infrastructure, network assurance, security and automation


2. ENCOR: Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services v1.0

Module 2. ENARSI: Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services v1.0
This module will give students the knowledges for implementation and troubleshooting of advanced routing technologies and services including Layer 3, VPN services, infrastructure security, infrastructure services, and infrastructure automation.

Bootcamp program

CCNA routing and switching bootcamp program

The bootcamp program is an accelerated program. This program is dedicated to someone who has an already good level expertise in internetworking. The advantage of this program is that it allows students to prepare their CCNA’s exam in a short period of time.

Laboratory materials

  • Packet tracert
  • Cisco routers
  • Cisco catalyst switches
  • Lynksys



Each module is validated by an exam consisting of a theoretical part which is taking place on site. On the other hand, the final exam consist of a theoretical and practical part.

Important note :

The Cisco’s industrial certification are taking place, for their part, in an Cisco authorized institution.

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After the examination

If the student successfully pass the exam, a certificate of completion is issued.

Additional informations

If you need more details about CCNA Routing and Switching program, please go on :

  • http://www.cisco.com/web/BR/blaster/netacademy/kevinjohnston.pdf
  • http://www.cisco.com/web/learning/netacad/course_catalog/CCNAdiscovery.html

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